Yoga Circle | Celebrating 31 years of Yoga in Chicago
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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Welcome to the website for
Yoga Circle

We are a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.

2016 Holiday Donation Drive

Lakota Circle is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated
to helping Lakota families on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. 30 families with 100 children have been specifically identified and a wish list of stocking stuffers has been created at Amazon. Please consider purchasing from the list. When making a purchase from the Amazon list use the Lakota Circle’s Gift Registry Address option for delivery. If you would like a tax-donation letter, email a copy of the receipt to and she will send the appropriate document. $500 worth of food will also be purchased locally and delivered to these families in need. Donations can be made through This is a great opportunity to help these beautiful Lakota children and their families who really struggle each day. These expressions of Love actually make a difference.


Extended Weekly Class
Taught by Todd and Bob
Sundays 10 am – 12:30 pm
Join us weekly for an engaging extended class: explore asana, practice pranayama, ponder philosophy.
$27.50 per class, $25 when purchasing 3 or more classes. Regular series class not applicable.


Restorative with Lisa Sandquist
Once per month
Saturdays: 2 – 4:15 pm $40
Jan 14, Feb 4 & Mar 4
Restorative yoga is a quiet, internally-focused practice where the body is fully supported by props to promote deep relaxation and health. Benefits include better sleep, digestion and stronger immunity.

Events &
4 Special Classes
Yoga&Fascia Classes

January: SUN 15 & 22 6 – 8 pm   Register Online
March: SUN 12 & 19 6 – 8 pm
Join Donatella to learn how a dynamic and gentle asana practice can reduce stiffness and improve posture and movements. $25 each class

Backcare Basics with Gabriel

Abhyaasa Yoga Naperville

SAT Feb 4: 1 – 4 pm  More info

Back pain sufferers take heart! Come and find relief and discover new options for your home practice. Whether you have general backache, stiffness, or soreness in your upper spine, scoliosis, SI joint dysfunction, or sciatica, this workshop will teach you how to relax. Yoga poses traction the spine. Once the spine elongates and decompresses, ease of motion is restored, as is free and easy breathing. You’ll go home knowing how to set up simple poses that alleviate discomfort and get a new lease on life.

Yoga Rx: For Anxiety in Troubled Times with Gabriel

YogaView Wilmette

SAT Feb 11: 1 – 4 pm $50  Register Online

With so much uncertainty abut the future, the anxious mind runs away with itself in concern about what will be. Leaving the secure mooring in the here-and-now it seeks to close the gap between now and later. Since it can never do this, it becomes increasingly more worried. Yoga breaks through this self perpetuating cycle by providing guidelines and a structure through which you can feel grounded and secure. Today’s session will begin with a dharma talk on how yoga, mindfulness, and paying attention to what is going on in the moment affords anyone who does this consistently an experience of what it is to be fully alive and at peace with life in the present.

Yoga Vacation in Mexico

Feb 25 – March 4, 2017

Take Your Practice To The Next Level with William Prottengeier and Gabriel

Now filled but anyone still interested can be added to waiting list. Open to all levels – at Villas Shanti, a secluded resort south of Cancun, our 31st annual vacation promises to heal and transform. The daily schedule will include vipassana meditation, asana, and pranayama practice. More info

Sharpening the Edge of Practice with Gabriel

YogaView Wilmette

SAT March 11: 1 – 4 pm $50  Register Online

Abhyasa is defined as long, uninterrupted practice, with devotion, over time. Refinement of the coarser aspects of personal practice follows initial attempts in yogic sadhana. Therefore, yoga leads from outer to inner, gross to subtle, external to internal awareness. Finer details, more precise adjustments, and holding poses for longer durations naturally proceed from better sequences and perseverance. Today’s class will focus on how to link the details in a given pose, how to link details within a specific category of poses (such as twists), and how to link poses within a class format. Since a hit and miss practice does not allow health benefits to accumulate, this workshop’s intention is to ignite the fire of aspiration that will make you want to the mat over and over again as a committed life-long practitioner.

Self Defense Warriors Workshop

SAT March 18 1:30 – 4 pm $30   Register Online
The techniques and strategies taught will bolster strength in mind and body giving you confidence. Techniques will be taught, practiced and discussed in a variety of situations from beginner to intermediate. Lessons and techniques are presented in a way that any physical skill level will benefit from the experience. We will discuss and practice the secret to Self Defense that starts before any physical defense is required. Wear comfortable clothes that allow a wide range of movement. Open to 16+

Master Class Intensive Weekend

March 24 – 26   Register Online
Experience the transmission of BKS Iyengar’s genius through a practice of sequences learned by Gabriel while in Pune, India. These carefully constructed processes of unfolding impact one’s experience and convey the messages of yoga: harmony and skill in action, inner calm coupled with clarity, focus, compassion and the knowledge that love wins after all!

FRI Afternoon: 12 – 4 pm Standing Poses and Hip Openers
Hip, groin and hamstring openers prepare the legs for standing poses, the base of the method.

FRI Evening: 6 – 9 pm Restorative Poses and Pranayama
Yoga also teaches how to be passive at will–restorative poses round out the active practice. Supine and seated pranayamas with digital control will be instructed, observed and refined.

SAT 1 – 5 pm Backbends, Forward Bends and Core Strength
Opening the corners of the body (hips & shoulders) supports the core and gives length to the anterior body for extensions essential to forward folding. Lumbar and abdominal poses strengthen muscles at superficial and deep levels.

SUN 1 – 5 pm Inversions and Twists
Isolating and activating the legs in the hip sockets assists the shoulders to invert the body. Once the upper trunk and pelvis have been integrated, rotations detoxify and neutralize transitions to other poses.

Gabriel is a veteran teacher who ignites the fire of aspiration to asana practice as well as spiritual life. Gain vitality, clarity and tranquility with this icon of the Chicago yoga community.

$50 one class
$95 for any 2 classes
$140 for any 3 classes
$185 for weekend
Open to all levels of age, stage and constitution.


TUES Feb 28: 12:30 pm Gentle class

THUR March 2: 12:30 pm Gentle class

MON March 6: 3 pm Golden Years Yoga

As of April 2017, the Yoga Circle will be raising its rates. Its been years since our last increase. We will continue to maintain competitive prices while bringing you the best trained teachers in the city. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Intro Classes

New intro class series begin on:
Dec 4, Jan 9, Feb 5, Mar 6, Apr 2, May 1 & Jun 4

Most Influential Yoga Teachers

Gabriel Halpern named in Yoga Journal and Sonima

Listen to some samples:

Chanted by Mr. Iyengar

Watch the video from our 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Looking for our class schedule?