Todd Howell &

Bob Whittinghill

Workshop ONLINE

Aum for the Holidays

Dec 20 @ 10 am – 1 pm $33

Run over by a reindeer? Shake off mid-winter blues and shine light into dark the Iyengar yoga way. Mine your periphery to uncover a quiet space at your core. From head to mistletoe!

Cost: $33 – Refunds, minus $20 handling fee, until 24-hours prior to session.

Workshop will be recorded and available for 7 days.

Todd Howell (CIYT) and Bob Whittinghill (CIYT) have been instructing Iyengar yoga at Yoga Circle for more than 20 years. They hope their collaborative teaching efforts might ignite interest and passion for the subject matter which has had significant impact upon each of their lives.