Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner

David Carpenter is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher at the Intermediate Junior level. He is also the President of the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States (IYNAUS).

David began yoga in 2000, the year he turned 50, when he was beset by injuries and experiencing great stress from his career as a lawyer who argued cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts. Yoga has taught him to work with stiff or injured joints and muscles to increase flexibility and alleviate pain and he has addressed a number of other ailments through yoga. Yoga has also taught him to calm his mind. Having now retired from his law practice, David wants to help others realize the benefits and joy of yoga, and he has special insights into the challenges faced by men and women over 50 as well as by men of all ages. In addition to weekly classes with Bob Whittinghill and Todd Howell, David regularly studies with Lois Steinberg and other senior Iyengar yoga teachers in the U.S. David has also studied with Geeta Iyengar and other members of the Iyengar family in India and elsewhere.

Email David: dwcarpenter1950@outlook.com