Our WL url:

It is easiest if you only have one WL acct which u use for your instructor acct and also for a student acct – even if you take classes with another studio on WL – is best to make sure you use one acct for it all or you need to always logout of first acct before you use second acct. Or you can use different browsers for each one – otherwise you will have errors trying to login. This would also go for a roommate/significant other, etc using the same computer or browser and having another WL acct.

So majority of errors people have are stated above.

Read below if you are having problems with WL.

1. David – stop using your acct u use for Dallas and just use your outlook acct for yc – and just buy all workshops/classes on one acct – also if you login to that acct on orit’s computer then logout when u get done so she can login later without having issues

2. the thing to do is – always log out at end of your WL session – if you will not always be using one acct. The way WL works it will tell you to login but u are really still logged in from before and if u don’t logout with that acct it won’t work – so u need to login on first acct and then log out. Then u can login another acct. Confusing yes but that is how it works. So best to use one acct or separate accts on different browsers or u will have problems.

3. after i thought about it was problem Todd had trying to login on workshop3@yc – cause he was prob still logged in from aum for the holidays? something like that – todd’s admin acct could start laurie so he can always use that one for everything

4. the admin accts david, jim, todd, bob have can start all classes/events

5. the instructor level accts have access to start all of their classes/events – todd has been starting the large workshops & aum (but if mary or laurie, etc wanted control they could have had their own login which was setup to start their event) – david had control of his workshop and patrina will on hers