Kriya Yoga Trifecta


In the event that on-line subscription for this workshop has sold out, please contact the Yoga Circle via e-mail or phone. There may be spaces still available that had been retained for in-studio registration.

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Karma/Jnana /Bhakti with Gabriel Halpern


Patañjali’s Sutras defines Kriya Yoga as Tapas (discipline), Svadhyaya (study) and Isvara Pranidhana (surrender). This weekend’s workshop will display the brilliant latitude of yoga as an educational tool, an art form, a therapeutic process, and a spiritual practice. Each session will begin a “dharma rap” followed by an asana practice to highlight how to turn up the heat, sharpen the intellect, and open the heart, inviting blessings from the gym, the university, and the temple.


Fri AUG 2:   6 – 9 pm


SAT & SUN AUG 3 – 4:   1 – 4 pm each day


Cost:   $55 each class, $150 whole weekend


Gabriel Halpern was trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institutes in San Francisco and Pune, India. He founded Yoga Circle in 1985 and directed it until 2018. Owing to the direct influence of BKS Iyengar and over 49 years of continuous study, Gabriel’s teaching is all that is yoga: zeal in practice, science, art form, lifestyle, and mystical mentoring.


FRI $55, SAT $55, SUN $55, FRI & SAT $110, FRI & SUN $110, SAT & SUN $110, Full Weekend $150