Yoga Circle | Restorative/Pranayama
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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Exploring the Contents & the Container
Sunday, May 19: 2 – 5 pm $60
With Patrina Dobish CIYT, C-IAYT
After a short presentation on relevant yogic concepts (the vayus, savasana), this workshop will guide body, mind and senses towards an exploration of the layers of Being: physical, physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual The afternoon’s practices will include restorative asana and pranayama, the art of the movement of energy through the use of the breath. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 2.53 states that the ability to function effectively in the world couples with skill in developing the meditative experience (2.52)