Will the studio reopen?

Yes. We are planning to partially “reopen” our studio on Monday, August 16. Most classes will continue to be available only online. We will then experiment with some “hybrid” classes that fully vaccinated students may choose to attend in-studio and that all students will have the option of taking online.

Registration & Payment

Students must register for all online and in-studio classes held on or after August 16 and pay for each class at the time of registration.

How do I register for a class?

Once you have a Wellness Living account with the studio, click “REGISTER” on Classes page to register for class.

How do I establish or reactivate an account?

Activate or open an account at Wellness Living.

If you had an active class package at the studio before the pandemic, your account was migrated into Wellness Living with the email address on file with Yoga Circle at the time the studio shut down. If your current email address does not provide access to your Wellness Living account, send an email to, and we will help you access your account.

Please be certain that your Wellness Living account authorizes Yoga Circle to send you NOTIFICATIONS. This authorization is required for you to receive links for online classes. Beginning on August 16, recordings of each class will be made available to registered students for 6 days. Recordings will be sent to your email address only after you have authorized the studio to send NOTIFICATIONS.

What is the cost for classes?

We have established a new price schedule that includes both a standard rate and a new “accessible” rate for those with limited financial means. Students may elect to use either the standard or the accessible rate. Each schedule has prices for single classes as well as for class packages. 

Can I cancel a class reservation?

Through your Wellness Living account, you may cancel a reservation to attend class up to 5 minutes before it starts; payment may be used to attend other classes. Alternatively, amounts in your account may be refunded, less a $20 handling fee, upon timely request.


All classes will continue to be available online after the studio reopens.
You must now register and pay for classes in advance through your Wellness Living account.

What software do I need for online classes?

Click here to install and test the Zoom application.

Where can I learn more about using Zoom?

Zoom’s gallery view and how to focus or ‘pin’ the screen on the teacher.

What do I need to do in preparation for an online class?

We recommend that, before class starts, you set up an environment in your home with an open space, a mat, and if possible, access to a wall. You can use a locked door as wall space. If available, have a chair, belt, block, bolster, and blankets.  If you don’t have yoga props around, use in-home alternatives.

How will I join each online class?

1 hour before it starts. This should assure that students receive links to join the class and will ease the burden on teachers to send out links. Students can cancel registrations up to 5 minutes before the start time of each class, so you will be able to cancel without penalty if your plans change after you register and before class starts.

Under our system, students cannot register for an online class after it has started. Also, students who register at the very last minute have had difficulties getting links.

A link to join class will be sent to your email address approximately 1 hour before start time.

You will not receive this link unless you have signed up to receive NOTIFICATIONS from Yoga Circle in your Wellness Living account. Click the link to join class 15 minutes before its start time.

How can I join a class for which I paid and registered but did not receive a link?

Log into your Wellness Living account. Click on “My Schedule” in the top navigation. Locate the class and click the “Join Session” button beside it.

When should I join each online class?

We recommend logging in 10-15 minutes before start time.

Joining in advance will assure that you set up your device in an optimal way. Time before class is a chance to sort out props, and to make suggestions on the support of walls, corners, counters, etc.  You may use this time to privately disclose to the instructor any issues you are facing that might affect your participation in class.


Who may attend in-studio classes? that has “Proof of Vaccination” in the subject line and attaches a copy of proof of vaccination. If proof is adequate, we will modify your WL account to permit you to register for and take in-person classes.

When do you recommend I arrive to the studio?

10-15 minutes before class start time.

Can I bring my own props?

If you have your own mat/props and wish to use it/them, you are welcome to do so.

What if I don’t have any props?

Yoga Circle is a fully equipped studio; all props/tools used during class are provided at no additional cost. We ask students who use the studio’s mats to spray them after class with our disinfectant.

Are there changing rooms?

We have women’s and men’s changing areas; no lockers or showers. Valuables and personal items may be brought into the practice hall during class.


Can I receive a recording of a class I registered and paid for?

6 days. To receive recordings, you must sign up to receive NOTIFICATIONS from Yoga Circle in your Wellness Living account.


Please feel welcome to attend any level-appropriate class.

Which class level is appropriate for me?

Learn the basic asanas, actions, and approaches of yoga.

All Levels
For students with fundamentals experience looking to expand understanding of posture and practice.

For students with fundamentals experience who are ready for greater challenge and subtlety. Inversions or their alternatives are practiced.

A deeper exploration of posture, pranayama and philosophy. Inversions or their alternatives are practiced.

What should I expect in the fundamentals class?

Fundamentals classes are designed to meet the needs of those who have never practiced yoga, or have been away from regular practice.

If you are new to Iyengar yoga, and have recent experience with other traditions of yoga practice, we recommend the fundamentals class to become acquainted with the specific methodology of Iyengar yoga teaching and practice.

Do I have to be fit to participate?

No. Classes are designed to aid fitness and enhance well-being. Teachers are trained to accommodate many levels of physical capacity.


What should I wear to class

Please wear shorts or footless leggings/yoga pants. It is important for the instructor to be able to see your knees and elbows.

Long, baggy pants are not recommended. Bare feet and an empty stomach are essential. Refrain from eating 2 hours before class. Jewelry and perfumes to a minimum.

Are there changing rooms?

We have women’s and men’s changing areas; no lockers or showers. Valuables and personal items may be brought into the practice hall during class.