Yoga Circle | FAQ
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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What should I expect in the beginners’ class?

Introductory classes typically including standing and seated postures, level appropriate and safe inversions, twists and reclining poses. Curriculum is methodical and practice may be modified to accommodate individual concerns.

Do I have to be fit to participate?

No. Classes are designed to aid fitness and enhance well-being. Teachers are trained to accommodate many levels of physical capacity.

How should I prepare for class?

Please wear shorts or footless leggings/yoga pants. It is important for the instructor to be able to see your knees and elbows. Long, baggy pants are not recommended. Bare feet and an empty stomach are essential. Refrain from eating 2 hours before class. Jewelry and perfumes to a minimum.

Are there changing rooms?

We have women’s and men’s changing areas; no lockers or showers.

Do I Need to Bring a Mat?

Yoga Circle is a fully equipped studio; all the props/tools used during any class are provided at no additional cost. If you have your own mat/props and wish to use it/them, please feel free to do so.

Can I drop in for one class?

Absolutely. A single class costs $22.