Patience IV

I am patient and positive
in thought and action.

I am alert to the part I play
in bringing forth the answer
to my prayers.

Daily guidance and new directions
are revealed to me.

The next step
is just the impetus I need.

Spirit is doing its part
and I am doing mine.

Patience V
I am patient and tolerant.

The more I practice them,
the more they increase in power.

I keep myself
on an even keel,
in tune with
the flow of life.

I trust spirit is in charge.

I use what I already have.

I build an attitude
of an all-providing care,
of divine order and timing.

The trying of my patience
works my faith.

Help in demonstrating patience
is mine for the asking.

Patience III

I am patient and persistent.

Patience is not resignation
to undesirable conditions.

Patience is positive inner action
that refuses to give in to
negative conditions.

I turn within to establish
this inner control.

I bring forth fruit
with patience.

Patience II

I am poised and patient.

Free from impatience,
consciousness is peaceful.

I let go of the tension
from thinking too much
about circumstances in the outer.

Problems are understood
and worked through
by connecting to the source.

I center in spirit’s power.
I call on spirit in all things.

As I give up upset and worry,
I find peace
right within myself.

My patience comes from
deep reliance on
the indwelling presence.

Abundant Relations

My work is to align
my desire with my vibration,
to anything
that is important to me.

I practice abundance
and ample supply
instead of shortage and lack.

I activate a prosperity vibration.

I carry it around
and keep it alive.

Everywhere I go,
there are people who match
the best of what I summon..

I express life-giving joy
as love for all,
near and far.

I am a source
of joy to all.

I bring value
and breathe life
into all my relationships.


I have the power to choose.

I completely embrace and rely on
the power of my inner spirit.

I impregnate my mind
with positivity.

What I feel and claim within
is expressed without.

Whatever I assume to be true,
my sub-conscious mind brings about.

My faith grows
like a seed after its kind.

Spirit leads, guides, and perfects
the unfolding of my life.


I select, sift and attract
all manner of good things
unto myself.

I align myself
with well being.

I pre-pave the road into the future
with optimism and hope.

I anticipate and summon
whatever is uplifting.

I give no credit
to what is not happening.

My power and influence come from
connecting to Spirit.

I do my best
and feel better
more of the time.


I am focused consciousness
in the physical dimension.

My thoughts
have magnetic power.

I attract people to myself
who are in tune
with my current intent.

I attract abundance
in all aspects
of my life.

My life is fully experienced,
having fun along the way.


I have faith in God.

I am a master molder.
I take ideas and clothe them in substance
to bring them into expression.

I live, walk and work
with gladness of heart,
in a world of harmony and plenty.

I am filled with vibrant strength.
I meet all with courage and wisdom.

My mind is serene and poised.
I am filled with
the power of the Almighty.

Negation cannot prevail against me.

I am dynamic, creative and effective.
I accomplish all that I desire.