My self worth
is far greater
than I imagine.

I act as if
what I do
makes a difference.

I perform better,
at whatever
I choose to do.

I let all be done
for spirit.

I lovingly offer
my all to spirit.

Spirit is my supreme joy.

Spirit is my guide.
In spirit,
I find my rest.

Love’s Expansion

I step into a wider love.

I extend my love
beyond my family circle.
I enrich countless others.

I do not love
my nearest and dearest
any less.

The truth is:
my love increases
as I share it with others.

I am blessed
by this new dimension
in my life.


Calm peace
sweeps over my soul.

I release negative,
uneasy thoughts.

A tranquil mind
gives life to flesh.

I am calm within myself
no matter what
outer appearances seem.

I release friends,
family and co-workers
to the protection of spirit.

Whatever today brings,
I go about my activities
with a calm, peaceful attitude.


Anyone I meet
is a holy encounter.

As I see them, think of them,
and treat them,
I see, think of,
and treat myself.

I worship spirit
with all my heart and soul
and weariness leaves me.

I am serene in spirit’s grace.
Each like a star
that fills a point in space,
each shines and is needed
in their place.


Spirit sees nothing
as a problem.

Spirit sees solutions
and reveals them to me.

Spirit in me
knows what to do.

I joyfully accept
Spirit’s answer
and follow its guidance.