I bless the work of my hands.

The right place in me with respect to work is not strife and toil,but the expression of my own true nature.

I seek what interests and challenges me.I develop knowledge and skill along those lines.

I am led to the work where I express myself most happily.

I give my best efforts to the work in front of me.

My work is love made visible.

Change III

Spirit is my strength and stability through any change.

I can make whatever adjustments are necessary.

Realization keeps me poised.

I overthrow customary patterns.

Everything I now take for granted was once unknown to me, just as my best friends were once unknown to me.

I need not fear change.

Something good is awaiting from every change.


The door to my goodness never closes.

Through prayer, I have the peace and confidence to meet all experience.

I move forward with inner self assurance, certain of overcoming.

I allow the truth of spirit to gain access within me.

Each challenge is an opportunity to see the spirit of goodness, power and truth.


I am filled and thrilled with the joy of living.

I am blessed with the privilege of being alive in this world.

I am open and receptive to the good this day contains.

As I share my enthusiasm with those around me,they respond in kind.

In the presence of spirit is the fullness of living.

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience thatand acknowledge it.


By spirit, my days are multiplied, years are added to my life.

I am growing older but not old.

I have solved my share of problems.

I have equilibrium between my thoughts, emotions and reality.

My self discipline taps limitless potentialities.

I am wiser, more compassionate, more exuberant and filled with life.

I Am

I am well and healthy. I am strong and whole.

I proclaim the truth of my spiritual identity.

My words declare and connect me to the truth I am.

I respond to all life affirming statements.

I found all my insights on divine principles.

I hear it. I feel it. And so it is.


Love calms.

Poised and centered, nothing disturbs the peace of my soul.

Love transcends the anxieties and cares of the world.

Love sees clearly.

Love views all things with insight and understanding.

Love inspires my thoughts, harmonizes my feelings, and blesses me to trust life.

Love radiates out from me to bring peace to my world.