Change V

My entire life is changing for the better.

It’s going on all the time.

My health, finances, relationships and attitudes are all changing for the better.

I renew my faith in spirit.

I know it is never too late to begin again.

I am joyously walking the pathway of light.

I travel with ease

Acceptance II

Every idea I accept, I begin to execute.

Whatever I feel and claim to be true, my sub-conscious brings forth and faithfully reproduces.

I do not reason or argue with myself controversially.

I select thoughts with deep premises, ones that bless, heal, inspire, and fill me with joy.

Inner assurance rules my life.

I can’t impose anything on myself, against the will of my conscious mind.

Change IV

I am flexible. I welcome change.

In a world of continual change, I cannot keep things just the same.

Life is activity, movement and growth.

I meet change calmly and confidently.

All things work together for my highest good and the good of all concerned.

Spirit blesses my life and all my experiences.

I open my eyes and behold wondrous things in my changing world.

Change II

I can begin again.

I can change for the better.

I meet life with a different attitude.

I am more loving,understanding and tolerant.

I am certain to expect new ideas.

I am prepared to act on them.

I am being changed into spirit’s likeness.

Courage III

I am courageous and strong.

I stand firm when appearances seem to belie the good.

I have inner conviction and fortitude.

I go about my life with joyous expectancy.

I am daring, daring and bold in claiming my good.

Spirit’s strength, power and peace is my strength, I am courageous and strong.

Courage II

Changing my life is risky business.

Change does not come easy, or fast. I am courageous to restructure my life.

I trust in my faith to handle all outcomes no matter what happens.

Spirit supports me and gives me strength whatever the need may be.

The spirit is the source of courage within me.

I call upon spirit.

Courage is poised to conquer fear.


I embody the spirit of courage.

I dare to face fear and say:"you are nothing."

Spirit is the healing power on which I rely.

The courage I need is there within me.

My courage mounts with the occasion.

The spirit within me is indomitable and victorious.

I send blessings to all, right now.


I take one step at a time.I enjoy each day as it comes.

I live one day at a time.I make this day count.

I am not caught up in pressure or hurry.

I do what is important to do today.

I have the inner peace of accomplishment.

I am renewed and enthusiastic.

This is the day that spirit has made. I rejoice and am glad in it.


I take the first step of a new beginning.

Every seed holds within itself the promise of possibility.

I plant seeds and await undiscovered opportunity.

The gift of life is the capacity to further my unfolding.

A good work is begun in me and brought to completion.


My mind and body express the healing life of the indwelling spirit.

As a result,I radiate health and wholeness.

I accept the underlying pattern of perfection within each of us.

My creative power of thought, word, and deed is aligned withth is perfect life pattern.