Golden Rule II

Whatsoever I wish
people would do to me,
I do to them.

My health and harmonious living
is based upon
the law of attraction.

As I want fairness and justice,
so I am fair and just.

I give everyone
the benefit of the doubt.

As I want to be loved,
so I appreciate others.

As I reserve the right
to my own opinions,
so I respect that right
in others.

I realize the golden rule
as I apply it.

Golden Rule

I think about others,
as I would have them
think about me.

I see the preponderance of good
that is in everyone,
as I wish that they see
the good in me.

I bring out that good quickly
by talking to it.

I give loving support
to everyone,
to help in
their personal overcoming
in the goals
they seek in life.


The way shower
gives me
right direction.

Whatever work is before me
is special.

However minute the detail,
I receive concrete instruction.

I am blessed
by the doing
of my works.

My works bear witness
that spirit sent me.


I am filled with
wisdom and good judgment.

I speak constructive,
uplifting thoughts.

I am free from
the thought of self limitation-
being less than I can be.

I desire truth
in my inward most heart.

I act in the way
that spirit’s light guides.