I take one step at a time.I enjoy each day as it comes.

I live one day at a time.I make this day count.

I am not caught up in pressure or hurry.

I do what is important to do today.

I have the inner peace of accomplishment.

I am renewed and enthusiastic.

This is the day that spirit has made. I rejoice and am glad in it.


I take the first step of a new beginning.

Every seed holds within itself the promise of possibility.

I plant seeds and await undiscovered opportunity.

The gift of life is the capacity to further my unfolding.

A good work is begun in me and brought to completion.


My mind and body express the healing life of the indwelling spirit.

As a result,I radiate health and wholeness.

I accept the underlying pattern of perfection within each of us.

My creative power of thought, word, and deed is aligned withth is perfect life pattern.


I choose to express from cheerful heart.

I clear my mind of negative thoughts.

I do not condemn any action or inaction,on my part or the part of any others.

I maintain a light and happy outlook.

I find rewarding, constructive things to do.

My conversations are positive. I always have something positive to say.

Blessings return to me in overflowing measure.


My mind is inspired. My heart is consoled. My spirit is healed.

Spirit wakens sympathy in my heart.

Spirit’s glance pierces and scatters clouds of doubt and fear.

Ignorance vanishes in spirit’s illuminating presence.

A new hope is born through life’s puzzling ways.

Spirit guides me with an abundance of blessing.


Tidal water heals.

I keep a daily visit with the tidal waters of the spirit.

Noxious creatures of mind live and breed in the stagnant pool of fear and doubt.

The flow of my inner,tidal waters carries away anything stale and lifeless.

The circulation of what is life giving makes all the difference.

Beauty III

The all embracing divine beauty shines in all creation.

I see beauty everywhere and in everything.

Everything is beautiful in its own way.

I let it express itself in all my manifestations.

I am made in the divine image. As I see and think,so shall I express.

I see beauty in my innermost heart.