Yoga Circle | Tami
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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Hatha yoga teacher Tami Robinson was born to help people discovr themselves and live their purpose through yoga. Whether students seek to build strength and confidence, relieve stress, work on a therapeutic issue, or embody yoga philosophy, Tami’s students welcome courage, balance, stability, and grace by working with her heart-centered, integral approach to teaching yoga. Best of all, they feel the physical, mental, and energetic growth that helps them have a bigger impact in the world. They start showing up in class and in life with greater capacity to move through challenges and a deeper desire to make a difference.

Tami has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 30 years and teaching since 2006. She earned 200 and 500-hour teacher training certificates from Iyengar teacher Bryan Legere, and spent time studying with Jehangir Palkhivala in India. Tami continues her education by apprenticing with Gabriel Halpern and taking regular workshops with Jehangir and Aadil Palkhivala. In addition to teaching yoga, Tami has invested 20 years in an award-winning career in national security research and analysis, and currently runs her own business helping people and organizations lead more inspired lives so they can have a greater, more positive effect in their communities and the world.

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