Yoga Circle | Gabriel
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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Tara (25) is off to the west to visit cousins taking a break from the NYC theater scene. Kailey (22) is graduating from Butler University and moving to California with her finance in the summer. Margaret is off to Bhutan and Cambodia. Check that off her bucket list. Gabriel will visit both coasts to honor is mom’s 99th birthday and do some California dreaming himself! Sincere, heartfelt thanks to the whole Chicago community who have supported the YC over the last 31 years.

Gabriel’s Travel Itinerary 2017

April 10-14 Jim Bennitt Chicago, IL 312-386-9642

April 15 Jennifer Brenner Frankfort, IL 708-790-7824

April 21-22 Cara Mutert Woodstock, IL 847-337-9866

June 3-4 Julia Jonson Mundelein, IL 847-266-9642

June 17 Carla Schils Rolling Meadows, IL 847-749-7622

June 23-25 Josh Vincent Del Mar, CA 858-353-8525

July 19-Aug 9 Lori Gaspar Lisle, IL

July 20–Aug 10 Julia Jonson Mundelein, IL 847-266-9642

Aug 14-18 Jim Bennitt Chicago, IL 773-450-4354

Oct 7 Kathy Simonik Arlington, Heights, IL 847-989-7792

Oct 14 Mike Zolfo Crown, IN 219-226-1100

Oct 20-22 Ellen McKenzie Madison, WI 415-828-9020

Oct 28 Tammy Mitchell 309-231-9642

Oct 29 Jeane Perino 309-645-7762

Nov 3-5 Michele Wilkerson Quincy, IL 303-882-1225

Nov 10-12 Kelly Merydith Oak Park, IL 708-524-4596

Nov 17-19 Teji Dilley Elkhart, IN 574-266-3696

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