Yoga Circle | Affirmations
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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Tidal water heals.

I keep a daily visit with the tidal waters of the spirit.

Noxious creatures of mind live and breed in the stagnant pool of fear and doubt.

The flow of my inner, tidal waters carries away anything stale and lifeless.

The circulation of what is life giving makes all the difference.


My self worth
is far greater
than I imagine.

I act as if
what I do
makes a difference.

I perform better,
at whatever
I choose to do.

I let all be done
for spirit.

I lovingly offer
my all to spirit.

Spirit is my supreme joy.

Spirit is my guide.
In spirit,
I find my rest.

Love’s Expansion

I step into a wider love.

I extend my love
beyond my family circle.
I enrich countless others.

I do not love
my nearest and dearest
any less.

The truth is:
my love increases
as I share it with others.

I am blessed
by this new dimension
in my life.


Calm peace
sweeps over my soul.

I release negative,
uneasy thoughts.

A tranquil mind
gives life to flesh.

I am calm within myself
no matter what
outer appearances seem.

I release friends,
family and co-workers
to the protection of spirit.

Whatever today brings,
I go about my activities
with a calm, peaceful attitude.