Yoga Circle | Affirmations
Yoga Circle is a yoga studio located in Chicago’s River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga.
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I take time
to be aware of and enjoy
the beauty of life
all about me.

In creation,
there are no straight lines
but curves, spirals,
angles and turns.

I see the unseen
symphony of life
in mountains, wind,
waves and sky.

The beauty which is always at hand,
sustains me and gives me peace.

I bless everyone and everything
and my blessings increase
as I share them.


My self worth
is far greater
than I imagine.

I act as if
what I do
makes a difference.

I perform better,
at whatever
I choose to do.

I let all be done
for spirit.

I let all be done
by spirit.

I lovingly offer
my all to spirit.

Spirit is my supreme joy.

Spirit is my guide.

In spirit,
I find my rest
and my worth.



I bless the work of my hands.

The right place in me
with respect to work
is not strife and toil,
but the expression of
my own true nature.

I seek what interests
and challenges me.

I develop knowledge and skill
along those lines.

I am led to the work
where I express myself
most happily.

I give my best efforts
to the work
in front of me.

My work
is love made visible.

The Power of the Word

The sub-conscious mind
takes me at my word.

When I repeatedly say, “I can’t”,
my sub-conscious sees to it
that I am not in a position
to do it.

Once I mentally accept and claim
that something is mine,
my sub-conscious sees to it
that I receive it.

I fill myself
with the thought
of positive expectation.

I release the whole thing
to the deeper mind,
which has the know how
of accomplishment.

The inner mind works for me,
24 hours a day,
and pours the fruit
of my habitual thinking
into my lap.